Kitten available



Hello everyone! We were born on December, 2!

2 girls & 2 boys


Elfe Feerique Ximena - white female - reserved


Elfe Feerique X-Ray - bicolor male - RESERVED


Elfe Feerique Xena - NOT AVAILABLE


Elfe Feerique Xavier - reserved

We have Kitten!

On September, 27th at us 4 kittens were born!

from the pair: Elfe Feerique Naomi & Elfe Feerique Mika

3 girls & 1 boy - All kittens reserved


We have Kitten!

On September, 26th at us kittens were born!

3 sweet boys from the pair: 

 Curly Time Koletta   &   IC Rexintense Joseph 



 Gallery kittens

Elfe Feerique Umka / RESERVED


Elfe Feerique Urmas - RESERVED


Elfe Feerique Ulian - RESERVED


We have Kitten!

On September, 6th at us kittens were born!

2 girls and 1 boy

from the pair: 

Elfe Feerique Matilda  Gallery
Rexintense Joseph Gallery
Elfe Feerique Tootsie - reserved


 Elfe Feerique Tiana - reserved


Elfe Feerique Taddy - reserved



Kittens leave our home at the age 4-5 months (depending on distance and breeding rights) - each dewormed, ringworm tested by veterinarian, vaccinated and re-vaccinated against of virus infections and rabies.

The kittens can be reserved by the new owners till this age.

You can write me an e-mail in order to learn more about the conditions of reservation. My e-mail is:

You can also call me: +49 651 9664213 (German, English) or +49 176 64226630 (Russian).

All kittens are marked with a microchip (transponder) and get an european pet passport with evidence of the vaccination carried out. They receive also a FIFè pedigree.

All my cats are FeLV- & FIV, FIP - negativ and vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis, Infectious Respiratory Diseases, Feline Leucose and Rabies.

We do not ship. We ask you to pick your kitten up at our home!

If You have desided to buy a kitten by us, will you write or call us.

You can also leave information about yourself on the waiting list. Wenn we have kittens, we will contact You. For a quick contact, please fill in this form.

All your questions will not be left without attention.

We will be happy to answer to everybody, who didn’t remain indifferent to the fabulous elves!

Please, don’t be shy! You are welcome to write and to call!

We will be happy to be in touch with the future owners of kittens and are always ready to answer any questions.

I would like to express a special thanks to the breeder  Ingrid Höhn (Devon Rex, breeding catery "Phu Quoc's") for their infinite love to cats, for their desire to share their experience and knowledge in breeding of their favourite races.

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