About us

We are happy to welcome at the pages of our site.

My name is Svetlana Shabanova. I live in Germany in the ancient beautiful city Trier which history starts from the ancient Roman times, about 16 years BC.

The history of our cattery breeding begins since, as soon as in our home appeared fairy creature by name Christa.

It has for ever left the irrepressible fun in our soul, her special unique track, the certain path conducting to our heart.

It is said, that devons couldn t be enough, that is how our second snowwhite beautiful creature Jacqueline appeared.

The story doesn’t break here. This is only the beginning. To be continued.

Elfe féerique, which means «magic elf» in translation from French, is  small cattery breeding of the cat race Devon Rex. We have chosen the name not without purpose.

Look at the Devon Rex! It’s look reminds You a little elf.

Low set ears and huge ablaze eyes give their not-ordinary personality away. Their look is turned straight into the heart. A contact with them will only confirm their magic origin. This is not a cat, this is the wonder, the embodiment of everything best, what the wildlife and a human have. Their habits are very resembling to the habits of the people. So are we, they are curious from the nature, intelligent, they like to sleep under the cover, putting their head on the pillow, see straight into the eyes without looking away, what is not peculiar to the animals. Devons deify us.

They can be characterized with three words: the infinite devotion, love and happiness.

Devon Rex are usually very active, playful and strive to a close contact with people. They love children. These cats are able to jump a considerable height. They play actively in any age. The cats of this race have the features of the dogs: they can be learned, to do tricks, to bring subjects, to open doors between rooms. They even try to speak to You.

A characteristic feature of them is to be close to the face of their owner. They love all members of the family, but they basically devote their time only to one person, they will play the most frequently with. Moreover, by an unclear reason Rex don’t cause the allergy by the part of the people, who suffer from the allergy to the animals. They don’t shed and don’t have a specific smell of the hair. This is an advantage of this race over the other cats. The main distinction of the original hair of Devon Rex is the absence of guard hairs. The undercoat is thin, soft and silky. The hairs lie in curls, what gives an absolutely unusual feeling by flattering the cats.

Devon Rex are popular all over the world. If you see them the only one time, you will want to return to them now and again.

All our animals live in a house with us. They have a close contact to a human being, getting maximum attention, love and of course the nutrition of full value and care.

Our animals are vaccinated, healthy and visit regularly exhibitions in the FIFE — system. We follow the standards by breed and seek to the type of the best representatives of the Devon Rex race.

All representatives of the cattery breeding are checked for viral diseases and have a negative result (( FIP, Coronavirus, Leukose /FeLF, FIV).

Our cattery does not breed devon rex kittens for profit.

This money will be invested into cost of veterinary care, buying of accessories, premium nutrition, travels to international and world exhibitions. Our goal is to make a successful show career. 

Our cats are fed with Super Premium nutrition, as well as they get meat and dairy products daily.

In housing we use an environmentally friendly wood pellets of cat litter «Cat’s Best Öko Plus».

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